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Salmologic updateJanuary 20th, 2017


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In 2017, we will continue to provide the industry with genuine innovations and logical solutions – because that is the only thing that makes sense to us. Since we announced the start of salmologic in 2014, we have experienced only positive results in all aspects of the business. The enormous support and encouragement we have received from our salmologic partners and fly fishing enthusiasts around the world has been nothing short of astoundi
ng – and for that we are eternally grateful. Salmologic wouldn’t be where it is without you.

Since we started, we have received thousands of praises for our Gram and Grain Recommendation System – as this system allows people to know with 100% certainty which line to buy for their salmologic rod. There is no guessing or trial and error when it comes to matching our lines with our rods. We have received countless emails from people around the world asking us for advice, especially when it comes to line recommendations for their specific rod. In most cases, they owned a rod made by a manufacturer who failed to list this information on the rod blank. We have of course helped solve that puzzle for many of those people – and were delighted to do so. However, in many cases, not even we could figure out what line was needed for their particular rod. It still baffles me that rod manufacturers don’t try harder to provide this critical information to their customers. When purchasing a rod, this information is of paramount importance!

New Rod series

In 2015, we launched our popular skyborn series and it has been extremely well received. In fact, the chances of you seeing a fly fisherman with a skyborn rod in hand by the river, anywhere in the world now, are pretty high.
Skyborn will continue to maintain its high status in 2017 and the years to come. That was always the intention since its launch – to be a truly modern and progressive Scandinavian designed rod.

Now we are excited to introduce one of our newest additions – yet another innovative series – serenity. I want to emphasize that the serenity series is not a replacement for skyborn, on the contrary. Serenity is built on an entirely different blank and with a completely unique philosophy behind it. Also, the guides, all the fittings, the colour and the handle are different. You can read more about serenity rods on the product pages on this site.


From the very beginning, we’ve been asked the same question over and over again: When are you going to launch a clothing line for Salmologic?
Well, we are now. But not in the way tackle companies usually do.

For me, it’s quite ironic that we, nature lovers, are unwillingly put in a consumer role that destroys the natural world we are dependent on. We would like to do what we can to break the illogical consumer patterns. Think of this: When I was head designer for another company (no need to drop names, most companies work the same way), I was in China to oversee the production of a new clothing line. We drove for a long time in rural China, and when we reached the factory, which was located 50 kilometers from the city, I could see a huge thick dark cloud in the sky. And no, that was not a rain cloud. It was the toxic fumes engulfing the whole industrial area around the factory, where the wading clothing was made. I will spare you from further description of my arrival at the factory. Suffice it to say, it did not make me feel good to support that kind of industry. As CEO of salmologic, I refuse, no matter the earnings or benefits, to follow that path. I would never feel good wearing or endorsing clothing made at nature’s expense.

Therefore, as of this year, we have chosen to carry Patagonia clothing, primarily because the company matches our way of thinking. We are very proud to endorse Patagonia, for the simple reason that we want to be able to pass on a clean world, and that includes great fishing, to the future generations of anglers. Patagonia is doing everything it can to minimize the environmental footprint that we as consumers leave on this planet. In fact, companies worldwide consider Patagonia the beacon of light for the future of clothing manufacturing. We at salmologic strive to do the same and see an ally in Patagonia.

Choosing Patagonia was a natural decision for me personally, as I have been a huge supporter and customer for more than a decade. They never let me down. Patagonia’s line of fly fishing gear represents the forefront of outdoor clothing in so many ways. The most important one is that it protects our nature, our world and it makes you feel good besides always keeping you warm, dry and comfortable – so this will represent “salmologic clothing” in our eyes.

Innovation, quality and functionality are our focus and our trademark. I do believe that we think and act differently than our colleagues in the business.
We have set out to be innovative in the tackle industry and I have no doubt that we are doing so. We are doing it because it makes sense.

Tight lines to all in 2017,

Henrik Mortensen

Founder and CEO