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In all my years of working in the fly fishing industry, I have been in constant pursuit of developing ideal line systems for our approach to fly fishing.

I have no doubt that salmologic is in the forefront when it comes to lines. All our lines have been redesigned, updated and manufactured to enable the modern fly fishermen to fish his fly on any spot, and at any depth, where the fish might be hiding. Lines, which are so easy to cast that it gives the fly fisherman the ability to fish his fly more effectively than ever.

For us, it was also of major importance to devise a system that was easy for everyone to understand, especially because most lines on the market today follow a very confusing recommendation system. I have always felt that we should change this.

Having created salmologic, we do it without any discussions. We have therefore made this important change by using grams and grains – something I have already been incorporating in my designs for the last 15 years.

I strongly believe that salmologic’s recommendation system, G&G (Grams and Grains), has taken the guessing out of the gear and made it easy for everyone to understand. Setting up your rod with the correct line weight, the right leader mass and the correct resistance in the running line is of much greater importance than an average angler would ever be able to understand. This setup is indeed the difference between learning or leaving fly fishing, and we really want people to learn how to fly fish and love it the way we do!

Welcome to salmologic’s lines and logic.

Tight lines,
Henrik Mortensen