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WF Evolve

– An expansion of our Shooter WF series!

The Shooter WF series has been a huge success since we introduced it in 2015. One of the reasons for this is that the WF line is really easy to cast. Also, it is a product that is designed to perform well for both overhead- and single hand spey casting, no matter the density of the line. The precision-made tapering on each Shooter WF line makes them exceptionally easy to work with, specifically under demanding conditions such as wind or “no back-cast” options.

WF Evolve is an evolution of the original Shooter WF line series. We have re-designed the whole belly. Firstly, we have extended the length of the belly in four different places in order to maintain the same perfect air dynamic as the Shooter WF has, but in a longer cast. Also, the grain weight per feet has been refined to match the longer belly. These adjustments make WF Evolve a superior WF Line for longer overhead casts, where precision and presentation are crucial. 

WF Evolve floating lines ‘16 grams/247 grains’ and ‘18 grams/278 grains’, are designed for wet fly fishing, hitch fishing and fishing with bombers for salmon and sea trout –14 grams/216 grains’ are perfect for smaller to medium wet flies.

The WF Evolve lines 10 grams/154 grains’ and ‘12 grams/185 grains’ are developed for both small wet flies and small dry flies served under the tricky conditions you face when fishing trout on any stream or water reservoir where the fly has to be served gently on the water.