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A customized line density system designed to make fly fishing easy.

In the mid-1990s I had the pleasure of creating the very first loop-to-loop system ever made and which has indeed become an industry standard today. The Logic line system is what I refer to as a weight forward line system, although most people would see it as a shooting head system. I developed this revolutionary system by building on my vast experience from earlier designs, combined with extensive user-input

It is a loop-to-loop line system and, when put together, it has the profile of a weight forward fly line. It is simple and easy to handle, and great for all fishing situations. It is a well-proven line system that is completely adjustable to your rod and the unique fishing situations you face. With the Logic line system, you will find overhead and spey casting easier and more efficient than ever before. It will enable you to fish all the spots on your water, particularly those difficult spots that usually hold the largest fish.

Breakdown of the Logic head system:

  • 10 different line weights.
  • All lines are pre-made with high-quality loops.
  • The loops have been designed for very smooth energy transfer.
  • All heads are designed with a back tapering, for better performance and presentation.
  • Every line weight has its own unique colour code, enabling the angler to see which line weight is being used.
  • The Logic Heads are available in up to 8 different densities, depending on the line weight.
  • All heads are laser imprinted with density and weight, for easy recognition.
  • All heads have a gradual density change throughout the head, for best performance.
  • In 2024 -2025, we will continue to expand this system, and new densities will gradually be introduced.


The Logic line system gives you the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing conditions on the water. It is designed to suit the beginner, the intermediate and the experienced fly fisherman, with 100% accuracy. All this is possible without having to change your casting style. Logic Heads are specially designed to allow you to use the same casting style independent of the actual combination of the line parts. You can present your fly in different depths by changing either the belly or the Logic leader, or both.

You can also adjust for currents of different speed. The presentation depth may vary for the same line combination, depending on the speed of the current and the direction of the cast.

With the Logic line system, there won’t be any spot on the water you can’t cover! It is a system that can be adapted to the situations we face “out there” as salmon and sea trout anglers.

  • From season 2024, all logic heads will be sold in waterproof Aloksak bags OR our newer environmentally friendly packaging with V-spools


“The smallest coated factory made loop-to-loop connections ever seen, making them feel as if there are no connection points at all.

The Logic line system is designed to make fly casting and fly fishing easier.

The Logic line system offers between 16 to 42 different combination opportunities all depending of the line weight chosen!

The density, length and weight are imprinted on the color code of all Logic Heads – so you’ll always know what you’ve got on your reel.”