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Nylon tippet

An elastic band keeps the loose end where it is supposed to be…

Great tippet material makes a difference:

This tippet is durable, flexible, has high knot strength, and is especially smooth and soft. The characteristics “smooth and soft” are determining factors in how persuasive your fly will fish! Committing to a leader material is important, because those last meters are the most important in your whole fly tackle setup.

We truly believe that this is the best co-polymer leader material on the market. That’s why we stock it. We only stock it in the sizes from 0.20 to 0.43 and only in the diameters that we use ourselves for salmon- and sea trout fishing.

A tippet spool has to be practical, easy to carry and handle. You’ll find that our spools can be “clicked” together for convenient storage. They also come with a line-controlling elastic band with a metal ring mounted in, so if you’ve pulled too much off by a mistake, it’s easy to roll back up again.