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Salmo eco fly box

A lean, light and logical fly box design

Way back when we started salmologic, we decided that we would try to be as sustainable as possible when it came to developing our products. Since then, we have always strived to achieve that, even if it’s more expensive to be green. It’s worth it for us to do what we can to protect the environment.


Our salmo eco fly box is truly a great example of being green. The raw material of our new fly boxes is collected in our local area of northern Denmark and is also 100% recycled. The complete manufacturing process is also done here, and it makes us very proud that we can present a 100% eco product designed and manufactured in this part of northern in Denmark.

Organic colours

The natural white salmo eco fly box is made from PP nature material, which is locally collected plastic that has been recycled and reused.

The natural green salmo eco fly box is made from PP materiel as well. The color is a direct result of the raw material being made of melted/recycled fishing nets, collected from our local beaches and harbors. I guess one could say that the natural green color “literally” symbolizes being green.


Designed for a purpose

A fly box needs to be light and be able to fit into a pocket easily. It should not be airtight, as the flies need air to dry off.  There should also be room for both tube flies and hook flies. As a lifelong fly fisherman, I believe I have seen which fly boxes work and which do not.


The eco salmo fly box is designed to be simple, yet perfect! The shallow side of the fly box has 2 O-rings that are intended to hold tube flies in different sizes. The other side of the box is a little deeper, allowing room for both hook flies and tube hooks. What more do you need as a salmon or sea trout angler?