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Salmo Forceps

Salmo Forceps is a pretty straightforward tool, but a very important tool to have on you, especially when practicing catch & release. It makes it easy to remove a hook fast so you can release your catch without causing it unnecessary harm.

Our forceps come in two different sizes; a small one (12.5 cm) named “sea trout” and a large one (16.5 cm) named “salmon”. The small one is for removing flies from a trout or a sea trout, in other words fish with a softer mouth. The large model has very strong jaws, and due to its length and strength you are able to remove a large hook from a lively salmon – or a hard fighting steelhead – in a few seconds. 

Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Blue/titanium 

Durable stainless steel makes it corrosion resistant even in saltwater fishing.

When using our forceps in saltwater, we recommend that you rinse it off in freshwater and also apply a little acid-free oil now and again. Nothing in the world can handle saltwater – taking good care of your items is by far the best protection.


salmone (16.5 cm)


sea trout (12.5 cm)