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Salmologic Fly Boxes

A lean, light and logical fly box design

I have used these boxes since 1996, and can honestly say that they are the best and most practical boxes I’ve ever used. Both salmologic boxes are light – but tough as nails. They are slim, which means that you can pack a couple of these sweet little things without looking like someone packing a carton of milk in his chest-pocket. Best of all, they are NOT watertight – which means that your flies can dry out after a soaking, thus minimizing corrosion spreading to your other flies, as would happen in a sealed watertight box. It’s not rocket science – it’s just logic.




Salmologic Tube Box

The tube fly version is clearly unique. There are no metal wires, grooves and other gadgets to hold a tube fly – because they’re not necessary! This is just a roomy box with a foam mattress where your hooks can be attached. Trust me – your tube flies will be nesting perfectly in this box and they will keep their shape much better than if they were affixed. There’s only one thing you have to remember: Don’t open your box into a strong wind, as you might not have too many flies afterwards.


Salmologic Hook Box

This might look like a conventional fly box. But notice how the grooves have been turned 180 degrees compared to conventional boxes. This way your chosen flies are easy to see and it’s easy to select what should be the “bite” of the day, as the flies don’t sit on top of each other.