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13’9” 6-PCS. 33 grams/509 grains

Designed and built under the same concept as Reborn 13’3” 28 grams/432 grains. It has the same distinctive built-in catapult effect that will surprise even a very experienced fly fisher. The main difference between these two rods is that Reborn 13’9” 33 grams/509 grains is able to present bigger salmon- and steelhead flies under higher water with ease when required.

This rod is a well balanced “canon” and it is the prefect choice for fishing large rivers, and rivers where you have to cover a lot of water – OR when looking for the fish entering the river, especially in early season. Even if this rod uses a relatively high line weight, you will be able to cast it all day long without getting tired whatsoever. A truly balanced setup does increase your chances, as it adds the necessary focus on your “fishing”, which is needed to be successful and not just lucky.

The line weight, 33 grams, is made for casting fly sizes 1-inch brass, 1¼-inch alu and 1½-inch plastic tubes. And it does this job perfectly! It therefore makes perfect sense that this 13’9” rod casts with only 33 grams/509 grains – no need for using heavier lines when the rivers are high, and the bigger fish are entering the river.

This rod is also a 6-piece version and therefore easy for traveling, despite that not being what the designer had in mind when creating this perfect fly fishing rod. I’m very confident that this rod will be a classic as well.

Line and reel recommendation:

All Logic heads – 33 grams/509 grains
Logic RL. 0.034
Salmologic reel size no. 4

Tube length:  78 centimeters