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Reborn series

Over the last 25-30 years, many of the rods that I have designed and developed have stood out. In other words, they have been notably outstanding – in their own right.

With time comes advancements in technology, materials, and know-how. We are never satisfied with the status quo and innovation is part of our corporate DNA – one of our guiding principles. The continual development of our products is therefore essential. For the new 2024 series, we decided to select some of the “exceptional” original rods and update/improve them to the highest degree possible. This is the reason behind calling this new rod series Reborn.

Our mission for this series of fly rods was to create a divine merger between physics, technology, and practical functionality. We have always had a very clear understanding that when we produced a fly rod, we were not just producing a fly-casting rod, but more of a fly fishing rod. In other words, a fly fishing “tool” that offers the fly fishermen a great connection between him and the fly. A rod that would offer precision before distance. Making a rod cast far and away is indeed very easy, but making a rod that can cover many different distances with elegance, from short to far, with great precision, is a completely different game. Being a fly fisherman for more than 50 years, I know that precision in your cast and how precise you can control your fly is the key to getting that extra “fish”, also on those tricky fishing days.

I strongly believe that we have succeeded in this endeavor and, knowing the intricacies of how these rods are designed, I am convinced that they will be responsive and effective to anglers of all levels.

The idea for the Reborn series has taken many years to evolve. It is based on many of the great design successes I have created and introduced over the last three decades. The conception of some of the new Reborn rods was inspired by the Skyborn series, which was launched in 2014. Therefore, some of the rods in this series have almost the same action, same length, but now re-introduced with a newer cutting-edge carbon combine and our 2024 graphene+ adaptation. All the actions are now refined to a greater extent.

The Reborn series has a true and deep Scandinavian full action, a tapering where you can really feel the load of energy from the perfected mix of carbon and graphene+, which swiftly transfers the energy into your fly line with very little effort.

As per tradition, every single rod in the series has a designated purpose. In other words, they have all been designed for specific type of fly fishing, line weights and fly sizes. With the ultimate fusion of rod action and line weight, you will cast better, fish better and thus increase the quality of your fishing. You will improve your skills as a fly caster and, more importantly, as a fly fisherman.

Reborn is a classic looking rod with a modern finish. The color of the blank is translucent brown, which changes the shade of brown under different light conditions. The wrappings are gold colored and logo is printed in an off-white shade. The blanks in the Reborn series are all varnished with high quality epoxy coating.

The handles on the heavier rods in this Reborn graphene+ series, from line weight 18g/278gr – 33g/509gr, are all produced with our own long-lasting integrated cork composite handles; a design that makes your handle stand the test of time despite any tough circumstances it may be exposed to. The rod sizes mentioned above are also mounted with our unique interchangeable lower signature grip handle. The shape of the signature grip handle makes it much easier to control the blank, as well as to achieve both precision and distance, all of which are the keys to have success when fly fishing on any river. Furthermore, the handle is incorporated with our own and new 2024 signature up-locking anodized aluminum reel seat with a rather exquisite insert made of recycled material in colors of our choosing. This creates a beautiful touch on the rods in our Reborn series.

The handles on the lightest Reborn rods, from line weights 12g/185gr – 14g/216gr) are produced with Portuguese flor grade quality cork to keep a distinct classic look that we think suits the lighter trout rods. The reel seat is of our own design; a very clean looking reel seat with no visible threads and no locking nuts – the reel foot on the reel seat is simply tightened and released by turning the rod butt.

All rod sizes are fitted with “Japanese Fuji K” tangle-free stripping guides and ultra-light shooting guides, all in gun-smoke color. These guides are just the best on the market for fly fishing, and an outstanding improvement when it comes to picking up the loose line and leading it out.

The individual sections of the rod are neatly arranged in a sectional cloth bag. The flap of the soft cloth bag is equipped with a microfiber cloth for cleaning your rod’s connection points before assembly or storage. The heavier rods in this Reborn series from line weight 18g/278gr – 33g/509gr will be delivered in a cordura case with an inner diameter measuring 65 x 85 mm. This diameter is no coincidence, as this size enables it to be used as a travel case. This travel case accommodates not just one, but two rods at once, making it ideal for the traveling fly fisherman.

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