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Dorado series

It could have been called the Predator series, as this series is not only for dorados but also for mean predators, like our own Scandinavian pike! The two rods in this series are designed and developed to cast big flies with ease… and you will find that the rod does all the work.

The dorado rods come with our new handle, which will be a signature from salmologic in the future. The handle is made from third grade (highest quality) cork granulate, combined with a very strong resin. The handle is incredibly durable and will gradually develop a darker finish (a “patina”) over time adding to its natural character. In other words, it will look better with use and age. It is lighter than rubberized cork, and gives you a much better grip when wet than traditional cork will ever do. Last but not least, this handle will give you the full benefit of the action in the blanks.

The dorado series will also be fitted with chrome “Japanese Fuji K” tangle-free and ultra-light shooting guides. Because of their angle, these guides are an outstanding improvement when it comes to shooting lines, especially when standing in the water.

The rods in the dorado series will be delivered in a black aluminium 2GOcase – a cool design that is exclusive to salmologic. It is designed so that the rods can be accessed from either end. This 2GO case accommodates not just one rod, but two rods simultaneously, making it ideal for the traveling fly fisherman.

9’6” 4-pcs. – 18 grams/278 grains

A beast in disguise – it looks light, it feels light, it can bent… but when you cast it, you will feel raw power.  When fighting a big pike or […]

9’9” 4-pcs. – 20 grams/308 grains

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