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The ambassador team of salmologic is one of our important cornerstones. I have had the true pleasure of working together with this particular group of people for many years now – developing products, improving teaching strategies and, most of all, finding completely new ways of making the difficulties in fly-fishing easy for everyone.

The salmologic ambassador team consists of highly dedicated fly anglers, fly casters and instructors. They are some of the absolute best representatives and promoters of our great sport. For them, it is never about impressing others! It is simply their passion for the sport that drives them. Their primary goal is to share this passion and their knowledge with others. For this reason alone, they will always have my deepest respect.

At salmologic we are truly proud and honoured that they will undertake the responsibility of being part of our professional advisory staff and representing us at the shows and demos that we will be attending in the near future.

Should you or your fly fishing club, fly fishing association, or your event ever need a great instructor, lecturer, guide, etc., then you are more than welcome to contact salmologic or our ambassadors directly. I give you my word, you will never be disappointed in our effort to make your event or day an even better one!

Henrik Mortensen

The ambassadors of salmologic – click on their picture to read more…

Søren Søndergaard

Rene Didssun

Head Ambassador – Thomas G. Thaarup

Thomas Kjelgaard

Jacob Skriver

Glyn Pillips

Rolf-Egil Håvoll

Jean Alexis Gagné

Sverrir Rúnarsson

Nahuel Stauch