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13’2″ 5-pcs. – 31 grams/478 grains

All the rods in this series are named scorpio, however I was tempted to give this rod a different name – Explosive with a short fuse – that name would be too long, but it describes this rod very accurately. Scorpio 13’2” 31 grams/ 478 grains is the perfect choice for salmon fishing in large rivers in spring and in early summer conditions. It is a very light rod but possesses plenty of “muscles”, and the best part is … you hardly have to exert any effort to find the energy and power in this rod and to activate it when needed.  

Line and reel recommendation:
Logic heads – 31 grams/478 grains
Logic RL. 0.034
Salmologic reel size no. 4


Tube length: 89 centimeters