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Thomas G. Thaarup

Head Ambassador
Thomas Gundersen Thaarup
Vejle, Denmark

I was born in 1984 and am originally from Frederikshavn in northern Denmark, but now live in Vejle. I graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2011 with a degree in Forest and Landscape Engineering. I now hold the position of Manager of Parks and Recreation at Slagelse Municipality’s Contract Services Department. I am responsible for the operations of municipal sports grounds and recreational areas. I have always found the many facets of fly fishing extremely fascinating. I got my first fly fishing rod at the age of 10, and fly fishing has been near and dear to my heart ever since.  I am a certified instructor at the National Sportfishing Association and give casting courses at this level.

If you understand the basics in a fly cast, and master this, you will be able to achieve optimum line control.

In this connection, I have the pleasure each year of giving casting courses in both Denmark and abroad. Instruction takes place in an attentive manner and with focus on teaching things step by step. When instructing, I am equally committed to combining theory with practice. My clear ambition and goal of the course is to give the participants new approaches, knowledge and techniques in fly fishing and fly casting. This results in a greater overall understanding and insight and, therefore, greater joy and pleasure being on the water. Furthermore, I generally believe, based on experience, that this significantly increases the chances of whether there’s a catch or not.

I have instructed in various places in Europe along with Henrik Mortensen. This has provided me with many unique experiences and a solid knowledge of modern single-hand and double-hand casting techniques, as well as fishing strategy.

When I am not instructing, you will likely find me at tackle shops, fly fishing fairs or by rivers at home and abroad, in search of salmon and sea trout. Fishing for sea trout on the Danish coast is also a favoured passion of mine throughout the season.