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9’0” 4-PCS. – 14 grams/216 grains

The Reborn 9’0” 14 grams/216 grains rod is a very balanced and incredibly light fly rod for this line weight, and it can seem way too light at times. The theme for this fly rod was – effortless, power and accuracy. We wanted this fly rod to not only be a trout rod, but also a very light sea trout rod that could be used on days where the water is extremely sensitive to the slightest disturbance.

With newer and advanced carbon fiber and technology, we were able to obtain improved tolerances for a fly rod loading with only 14 grams/216 grains – creating a blank profile with unparalleled strength and yet offering an intense sensitivity, which was our goal…. Clearly, we reached that goal.

This particular size is especially suited for fishing in clear rivers where trout or sea trout are easily spooked. Presenting the fly delicately is easy with this rod and, when you need it, this rod has no problem helping you with “that” longer and controlled cast.

If you are looking for beautiful presentations in spooky waters, WF Evolve is the line you should pair this rod with. If you are fishing in areas where you do not have much room to cast, WF Shooter is the recommended choice to cover all those difficult spots where you know that tricky trout could be hiding.

 Line and reel recommendation:  

WF Shooter line – 14 grams/216 grains
WF Evolve line – 14 grams/216 grains

 Salmologic reel size no. 1

Tube length: 75 centimeters