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Sverrir Rúnarsson

Sverrir Rúnarsson
Akureyri, Iceland

I was born in July 1975 in Akureyri, a city in the northern part of Iceland, where I continue to reside. My earliest memory is of being on the water, at four years old, when my father first took me fishing. This experience ignited an undying passion for fishing. Growing up, I predominantly pursued Arctic char, thanks to the numerous rivers within an hour’s drive from my home.

At 13, I acquired my first fly fishing rod, marking a pivotal shift in my journey. With the only friend who had fly fished before, I embarked on a self-taught adventure, and we quickly became known as the town’s unique enthusiasts. Our focus was on Arctic char, trout, sea trout, and later, salmon.

By 16, I had transitioned to commercial fisherman on a trawler and sailed for 21 years. My time on rivers was limited to brief breaks, until a severe accident in 2013 forced me to leave the sea. In 2015, I was approached to become a fly fishing guide, a role I’ve embraced since, primarily with Iceland Outfitters. My time is now spent guiding and fishing across Iceland, dedicating over half of each year to the waters during our brief Icelandic seasons, or tying flies and frequenting tackle shops when off the water.



Fly fishing is not just a hobby, but my deepest passion, closely followed by hunting. Since I started using Salmologic equipment in 2017, I’ve noticed significant improvements, both personally and with regards to my clients, especially with the G&G system’s ease in setting up and balancing the right way. I am immensely proud and honored to be part of the Salmologic team and, as an ambassador, to represent their brand and philosophy.