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Salus reel

Making a product from scratch takes a lot of time, but it is also something we take a lot of pride in. The salus reel is yet another prime example of this. The salus reel has been tested and evaluated in all ways over the last two years to make sure that it would be as perfect as possible when put to practical use. Naturally the look, the feel and the quality of salus were also equally important aspects to take into consideration when designing it.

When you hold the salus reel in your hands, you cannot fail to recognize that it is made of the cleanest aluminium alloy. Reels made from quality raw materials just “feel” different. You also cannot help but notice that the workmanship is of impeccable standard. The surface is completely smooth and rounded – there are no sharp edges to be found. All the details on the salus reel have been made with the highest precision. We also paid minute attention to the places on a reel where a line can get “stuck” or “caught” by chance after a cast. As a result, both the handle shape and the counter weight have been re-worked several times to make sure that they were flawless before completion.

Salus is designed to balance fly rods perfectly. With our G&G system, you can be certain that the rules of physics are in place.

The material we use for our brake system is solid stainless vanadium steel alloy, and the brake disc and pads are made of fiber armed PTFE. The running axes are hard coated in a special treatment where PTFE particles are embedded into the pores of the aluminum surface – completely sealed and waterproof. Salmologic’s reels are made according to the absolute highest standards possible and made in Germany.

Salus reels come in the colours, Shiny Black and Titanium. Salus looks sleek and aggressive on our rods with its large arbor profile. All salus reels are recommended with our G&G system – if you know your casting weight, you also know which reel to pick.

All reels have their own unique serial number and come with a two-year warranty.


Reel specifications:

Size No. 1: line capacity 14-16 g / 216-247 gr / reel weight: 181g

Size No. 2: line capacity 18-20 g / 278-308 gr / reel weight: 248g

Size No. 3:  line capacity 22-26 g / 340-401 gr / reel weight: 260g

Size No. 4:  line capacity 28-38 g / 432-586 gr / reel weight: 274g

Download the Conversion – Right-hand to left-hand operation-manual here as pdf-file