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13’3” 6-PCS. 28 grams/432 grains

In 2004, I developed the first 6-piece double hand rod ever made for salmon fly fishing. The idea behind this rod was to be able to “mix” different carbons together and not just to make a travel rod, as many thought back then (and still do today). The only way to add/mix more different carbon types together in one rod blank, is by adding more pieces of different carbon types to one blank. This was the sole reason why I decided to develop the first ever 6-piece double hand rod for the fly fishing market 20 years ago.

This rod, a 13’3” 28 grams/432 grains, turned out to be exceptionally outstanding, almost legendary.  It has been just that every time I have made an upgrade of this unique blank/action, over the last 20 years. Ten years have passed since I made the last upgrade with this concept in mind, and have therefore decided to bring it back again, upgraded with the improved technology and materials available.

With the action in this rod, there is almost no effort involved in lifting the line from the water to present a very long cast.If offers you almost a “sixth sense” feel of the line and a more instinctive understanding of when to apply just enough power to present the fly in the exact spot you’re aiming for, whether that is at a shorter or longer distance.

Our graphene+ approach does make an exceptional difference in what can be done when it comes to stepping up this game.

I have no doubt that this 6-piece rod will continue to be legendary and a “must have”, especially for many who may already own a 13’3” 6-piece rod of my design. To describe this rod best: It’s mind-blowing! And yeah, it will be ideal for traveling as well – even though that has never been the intention for this truly magical wand.

Warning: If you do not want or need another rod, then do not try this one.

Line and reel recommendation:

Logic heads – 28 grams/432 grains
Short-cut heads – 28 grams/432 grains
Logic RL. 0.032
Salmologic reel size no. 4

Tube length: 76 centimeters