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9’0” 4-pcs. – 12 grams/185 grains

Using a line weight of 12 grams/185 grains, this rod size is without a doubt the most diverse trout rod any trout fisherman could have. In our point of view, the Scorpio 9’0” 12 grams/185 grains is unmatched from the reel seat to the rod tip, everything is top notch. It can handle everything you want to throw from, small streamers, weighted nymphs to dry flies – all with very delicate presentations. This rod makes fly fishing a pleasure and offers you relaxing days out on the water.

Line and leader recommendation:

WF Shooter line – 12 grams/185 grains (Wet flies and nymph fishing) 

WF Evolve line – 12 grams/185 grains (Dry flies and nymph fishing)Logic nylon leader – Butt 0.56 – tip 0.23

Extended with tippet mat. 0.215 – 0.16


Tube length for rod: 75 centimeters