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A fly fisherman’s reel is very important, as it has great impact on the fight with a strong fish, and especially when balancing the rod and casting it.

When manufacturers of fishing tackle see it as their aim to produce the lightest tackle possible, I actually believe that it does more damage than good.

When designing reels, aside from making it look good, we focus on two major areas; the actual weight of the reel, and the handling of line during a fight.

The weight of a reel is really important and it should not be “light” due to the fact that it acts as a counterweight during the cast. Try taking it off and then cast with the rod alone; most people will do poorly in such a situation. The trouble is that without the reel as a counterweight, the rod will appear tip heavy and you’ll find it hard to load it deep with energy. On double hand rods and heavier rods, I personally find it very useful with a solid and slightly heavy reel as it automatically helps me load the rod deeper with ease.

During a fight, it’s essential that your reel is designed for easy handling. In other words, a fly reel has to have a large arbor. It gives you the best line storage due to its large diameter. Furthermore, a large arbor reel winds in more line each time you turn the handle, so getting your loose line under control can be done quickly and efficiently when a fish grabs your fly.

A large arbor reel is also an advantage during the fight because the brake is smoother; again, because the line is on a large spool where the diameter doesn’t change much even if the line is peeled off dramatically during a run. Reels made this way give you better control during the fight and as a result you lose fewer fish.

At salmologic, we don’t make reels just for the sake of making reels. A reel has to be nice-looking and make you feel proud and confident when it’s mounted on your rod – but most of all, it has to be functional in all regards.

All salmologic reels are delivered in a cordura protective reel bag. We leave cardboard boxes out of our reel packaging equation and other designs as well. This is because we strive to minimize waste and to go greener, for the sake of our planet. Our experience tells us that, in 99% of the cases, the cardboard boxes end up in the garbage, and we are strongly against producing garbage.

Our reels are designed and developed in Germany and we are very proud of being able to write Made in Germany on all salmologic reels.