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Thomas Kjelgaard

Thomas Kjelgaard
Oksbøl, Denmark

Fly fishing is my deepest passion. I have always found the many facets of fly fishing extremely fascinating. For me, it’s all about strategy, casting and presenting the fly in the best possible way to the fish. I have been fly fishing for salmon and sea trout since my early youth and, over the years, I feel I have gained a deeper understanding of fly fishing.  I value even the smallest technical adjustments and details that make my fishing more natural and effective. Insight into the fish’s biology and behaviour under different influences, such as wind and temperature, are important to succeed.

Great technique and casting skills are necessary to get the best experience on the water. Therefore, I spend a lot of time trying to improve my abilities in all areas. The fly must be presented as naturally and gently to the fish as possible so there is no disturbance for the fish. Both the speed, length of the intake of the fly, and where in the water column the fly is being presented, are all essential to getting the fish to bite. You need to be the fly.

I am a certified instructor at the National Sport Fishing Association and give casting and fishing courses at this level. I like to pass on my experiences and am delighted to share my knowledge.

I was born in 1984 and am originally from the northern part of Denmark, but now live in Western Jutland close to the very best salmon and sea trout rivers in Denmark. Besides fishing in rivers in search of salmon and sea trout at home or abroad, I spend a lot of time fishing for sea trout on the Danish coast.

I am truly proud and honoured to be a part of Salmologic. All the products are perfectly adapted to every situation you encounter as a trout- and salmon fisherman. I am excited to be part of a team whose goal is to make the sport of fly fishing even greater.