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Rene Didssun

Rene Didssun
Wandlitz, Germany

I was born in February 1970. Even as a young boy, I was always near the water fishing. About 15 years ago someone put a fly rod in my hand and I was immediately convinced that this was the way to fish. And today it does not make any difference whether I am fishing with a single hand or a double hand rod.

My absolute favorite type of fishing is for salmon in Scandinavian rivers. However, I must say I enjoy dry fly fishing in our German lakes and streams just as much. When fishing for salmon, I always try to adjust my methods and attempt to fish in a way that is completely different from my fellow anglers.

I have worked over the years to improve my fly fishing- and fly casting technique – using less movement and effort.  Simply, making it as efficient as possible.

In my spare time I have been representing various brands. In 2009, I joined the ambassador team, which today represents salmologic. I have worked with the team at different trade fairs, shows and other events, especially in Scandinavia. It has always been a privileged for me to work with this dedicated group of people.

In 2010 and 2014, I had the honour of giving casting demonstrations at the EWF – the biggest German fly fishing fair.

Another activity I thoroughly enjoy is to give fly fishing courses and workshops. Whenever I manage to impart fly fishing knowledge and know-how to other people, I feel like I’ve done a good day’s work.