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2GO series

For many years, we have been asked to design and develop a high-quality fly rod series in the mid-range price point. A series intended for those new to fly fishing, or for fishing enthusiasts who only fly fish on occasion. It was based on this demand that our new 2GO series was born. It is also our hope that this new series of entry-level rods will inspire more to join our wonderful world of fly fishing. Whether you are someone who only fly fishes from time to time, or someone who simply wants to give fly fishing a try, a 2GO rod is the perfect “tool”.  We have no doubt that it will be instrumental in igniting a lifelong passion for fly fishing.

We understand that someone just getting started with fly fishing, may want best value for money, without compromising on the gear, before committing long term. The rods in the 2GO series will give them the best chance at falling in love with this method of fishing. Any fly fisherman can attest to the fact that you make a lot of mistakes when you first start learning the fundamentals of this technique, and this may result in excess wear and tear on a rod. Therefore, investing in a high-quality, yet affordable, entry-level rod makes sense. With the right care and handling, you can expect to enjoy your 2GO rod for years.

Fly fishing requires a certain technique, and there are many skills to learn and challenges to overcome. Therefore, equipment that is of high quality is not only critical, but helpful when it comes to understanding the concept of fly casting and fly fishing. Poor quality rods and lines are not a joy to use and can even prevent you from developing or perfecting your skills. In fly fishing, you are relying on a great blank and a great line that matches that blank 100%.

The blanks are all fitted with dark titanium coated snake- and shooting guides.

The 2GO fly rods are progressively tapered, with a very forgiving action, making them enjoyable, easy to cast and to “understand”. They are made of 40T carbon, which is a reliable and trusted material. It has proven to be one of the best carbons used for fly rods. Rod handles are not merely handles – they affect how you grip and hold the rod, and therefore play a part in how you start and finish the cast. The single hand rods in this series have a full wells grip handle and an up-locking black anodized aluminium reel seat. The handles are made from third grade (highest quality) cork granulate, combined with a very strong resin. The handle is incredibly durable and will gradually develop a darker finish (a “patina”) over time adding to its natural character. In other words, it will look better with use and age.

The 2 double hand models in the 2GO series are made with a traditional straight handle rather than our signature grip handle. This is a deliberate decision. The signature grip handle is a rather expensive component. Since 2GO is an entry-level fly fishing series, we wanted to keep the production cost down and the price point competitive. It was therefore more important for us to invest in a high-quality blank, as this is the most vital part of the rod, not least for someone relatively new to fly fishing.

The rods in the 2GO series are delivered in a black aluminium 2GO case, a cool design that is exclusive to salmologic. It is designed so that the rods can be accessed from either end. This travel case also accommodates not just one, but two rods at once, making it ideal for the traveling fly fisherman. The individual pieces of the rods are neatly arranged in a sectional cloth bag.