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Salmologic offers two different sizes of monofilament running lines; a green coloured, 32 lbs (15.5 kg) RL, and a yellow coloured, 50 lbs (22.7 kg) RL. Both are oval shaped and have enough “softness and stiffness” to ensure no memory (no coiling) when it has been stretched before use. As mentioned, it is important to stretch it before you start your fishing as it otherwise keeps the memory from its last handling – and this is especially important if it has been stored on a fly reel for a long time.

These lines are used by fly fishers and by competition fly casters all over the world, and are acknowledged by most as being the leading monofilament running lines on the market. But I would like to state the fact that this is not a running line for everyone, as it takes a bit of time and experience to learn to control. But once you grasp it, you will get the true benefits that a monofilament running line can offer you.