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Jean Alexis Gagné

Jean Alexis Gagné
Rimouski, Quebec, Canada

I was born in 1994 in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada. Rimouski, located at the estuary of the St. Lawrence River, is an environment rich with its biodiversity and its abundance of water networks. It is in this same territory that the passion for fishing was passed on to me at a young age by my father, who taught me both the ethics and the pleasures of this sport. The opening of the trout fishing season was an unmissable ritual for the Gagné family, even to the point of missing school! Any opportunity was good to escape to a lake or a river. My interest in flora and wildlife also allowed me to understand the dynamics of the environment. These experiences helped shape who I became and have been instrumental in me becoming a Salmologic ambassador.

I became intensely interested in fly fishing during my studies. My interest in Atlantic salmon in Quebec became an addiction at the time. Work opportunities in the construction field allowed me to travel to Nunavik and the Gaspe Peninsula, where I learned to adapt my fishing techniques depending on the climate and water level. This experience outside my comfort zone was a springboard to others, including a significant one: saltwater fly fishing with Avalon (Cuba). This trip was the trigger for my desire to share my passion for fishing. Back in Quebec, I took more time to improve myself and begin a new goal. So, I directly took the steps to become a guide. This ambition allowed me to meet mentors who are responsible for my current success.

I am now a guide at Salmon Lodge in the Gaspe Peninsula, which offers an extraordinary fishing experience on the Grande Cascapedia, the Petite Cascapedia, and the Bonaventure rivers. Indeed, these clear water rivers are popular for the dry fly technique where I welcome international clients. For my part, fishing with the double hand rod has become essential for catching Atlantic salmon. In this guiding context, I had the chance to meet Henrik Mortensen with whom I share our common passion. Numerous conversations sparked my interest in Salmologic, which, with its innovative products, has been able to satisfy and optimize Atlantic salmon fishing. Therefore, it is a natural next step and a pleasure for me, as a Salmologic ambassador, to pass on my passion and experiences to you.