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Sense Reel

When you hold the Sense reel in your hands, it’s immediately apparent that it’s crafted from the highest quality aluminum alloy. Reels made from top-notch raw materials have a distinct feel that sets them apart. The surface of the Sense reel is flawlessly smooth and rounded, without any sharp edges. Attention to detail is paramount, and every aspect of the reel has been meticulously executed with utmost precision.

We have taken great care to address any potential issues that may arise during use. We have identified areas where the fishing line may become snagged or tangled after casting. As a result, we have dedicated significant time and effort to refining the shape of the spool, handle, and counterweight to ensure flawless performance before finalizing the design.

The Sense reels are machine-cut fly reels, and all sharp edges have been eliminated through precise 3D machining. This not only provides a smooth and stable surface but also enhances the overall durability. The reels are constructed from cold forged AL 6061 T6 aluminum, chosen for its exceptional strength.

The patent brake system features a center disc brake made from three different types of artificial materials. This produces a remarkably smooth braking effect accompanied by a gentle click sound, ensuring a delightful fishing experience without disturbing the serene sounds of nature. The brake system is also designed to be waterproof, and all screws used in assembling the reels are saltwater resistant. Nevertheless, we recommend rinsing the reels with fresh water after use in saltwater to maintain their longevity.

Salmologic’s reels are manufactured to the highest possible standards. We believe that good fly reel design reveals itself through practical use and enduring performance in challenging water conditions. The Sense series has undergone extensive testing, as is the case with all our designs, and we are exceptionally pleased with the results. We confidently encourage you to try a Sense reel for yourself; we’re confident you’ll never regret it.

To achieve optimal performance, we recommend pairing the Sense reels with our G&G System. By considering the line weight you intend to use, you can easily determine which reel size is the perfect fit for your specific needs.

The Sense reel series is available in the sleek and aggressive color “Batman Black,” which adds a visually striking element to our rods. The reels feature a large arbor profile, further enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Currently, the Sense reels are offered in two sizes: #1 and #2. However, we are excited to announce that a size #3 will be introduced in late spring 2024, expanding the options for our customers.

Here are the specifications for each size in terms of line capacity and reel weight:

Sense #1: Line capacity of 10-14 grams or 154-216 grains. Reel weighs 132 grams.
Sense #2: Line capacity of 16-20 grams or 247-278 grains. Reel weighs 179 grams.
Sense #3: Line capacity of 22-28 grams or 340-432 grains. Coming January 2025.


Download the Conversion – Right-hand to left-hand operation-manual here as pdf-file