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Tippets and leaders

Leaders; the most important item of your line setup…

Logic coated leaders

The leader is the most important item of your line setup. Throughout my life, I have used countless hours educating fly fishers all over the world about how important the leader is.

The leader has been my main focus for many years. The leader is a mass which controls how well and how far you will be casting. It also determines how well your fly will be presented on the surface and how it will be fishing across the water.

The mass of the leader consists of air-resistance and weight-resistance that have to be measured 100% correctly to match any given line weight and fly size. We are very serious about this responsibility.

All Logic coated leaders are therefore recommended with our G&G system, making it easy to figure out which leader you need for your line. The only thing you have to add to the Logic coated leader yourself is a monofilament tippet, which should be between 4-6 feet, depending on the size of fly you are using. The best way to add this monofilament tip section would be through a loop-to-loop system.

This way you will avoid cutting the actual Logic coated leader and it will be easy for you to change the tip section when needed.

  • All Logic coated leaders are color-coded and have a laser imprint showing the density.
  • The Logic coated leaders are manufactured in up to five different densities.
  • All are made with a securely welded loop on the butt section for fast rigging.