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Scorpio series

I have designed and developed many fly rod series throughout my life, and I have always had a deep and concentrated motivation to find ways to improve a fly fishing rod in order to give it a purpose and a “soul”. Making a rod that casts is something I consider really easy, however making an “efficient fly-casting-fishing-tool” is more complicated than that.

I spent years working on the scorpio series before they were actually introduced, trying to figure out how much graphene we could or should combine with normal carbon to get the best results. It has been a long process to find the best recipe. But I’m convinced I have, and I perceive the mixture we have as the perfect combination to achieve our main goal – a rod series that recovers faster than any other rod I have previously designed. A blank that builds up more energy with less effort, and even better, when the rod is being stopped, it transfers the energy to the line with hardly any loss, and with high precision…


A truly perfect “fly-casting-fishing-tool”. 

The action in this rod series is very hard to describe as all actions are made individually for each blank. You can’t have the same action for a rod that is short and casts a light line weight, compared to a rod that is long and casts a heavier line weight. But what I can say, is that all rods are designed to activate the lower part of the blank because that is where the power is, and designed to keep the top up to direct the line, no matter the size of the rod. I believe this is how rods should work to be a truly perfect “fly-casting-fishing-tool”.

Scorpio is a very classic looking rod with a touch of modern finish. The color of the blank is black, and they are completed with high quality epoxy coating. The wrappings and logo are copper colored.

The handles on the heavier rods in this scorpio graphene series (from line weight 18g/278gr – 35g/540gr) are all produced with our own long-lasting integrated cork composite handles; a design that makes your handle stand the test of time despite any tough circumstances it may be exposed to. All rods are also mounted with our unique interchangeable lower signature grip handle. The shape of the signature grip handle makes it much easier to control the blank, as well as to achieve both precision and distance, all of which are the keys to have success when fly fishing on any river. Furthermore, the handle is incorporated with our own signature up-locking anodized aluminium reel seat.

The handles on the lightest scorpio rods (from line weights 8g/123gr – 12g/185gr) are produced with Portuguese flor grade quality cork, to keep a distinct classic look that we think suits the lighter trout rods. The reel seat is of our own design, a very clean looking reel seat with no visible threads and no locking nuts – the reel foot on the reel seat is simply tightened and released by turning the rod butt.

All rod sizes are fitted with black “Japanese Fuji K” tangle-free stripping guides and ultra-light, gun-smoke-colored shooting guides. These guides are just the best on the market for fly fishing, and an outstanding improvement when it comes to shooting lines.

The individual sections of the rod are neatly arranged in a sectional cloth bag. The flap of the soft cloth bag is equipped with a microfiber cloth for cleaning your rod’s connection points before assembly or storage. The heavier rods in this scorpio series from line weight 18g/278gr – 35g/540gr will be delivered in a cordura case with an inner diameter measuring 65 x 85 mm. This diameter is no coincidence, as this size enables it to be used as a travel case. This travel case accommodates not just one, but two rods at once, making it ideal for the traveling fly fisherman.

– A cool design that really makes sense. 

Tight lines,
Henrik Mortensen