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Jacob Skriver

Jacob Skriver
Storvorde, Denmark

My educational background is in forest- and landscape engineering, and working professionally with nature restoration and sustainable wildlife management. I divide my time between the office and the outdoors, trying to secure and improve valuable nature in Denmark. I have a deep passion for the ecology of the waterways and the species it contains. A favorite quote of mine by Theodore Roosevelt encompasses my understanding of the importance of stewardship of the land and waterways: “The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will.”

Bringing almost 30 years of fly fishing experience, I first grabbed hold of a fly rod when I was 14 years old. Pursuing the art of angling with a fly opened up a brand new world for me, and it became not only a passion but a way of life. Learning to handle the line and the cast grew into an obsession, and I trained for hours at a time on grass and water trying to perfect my cast. Fly tying also took a growing part of my time, and I would think about fly patterns day and night. In my early days, I could be found braving frozen fingertips and fly lines in the cold winter waters of Southern Funen or fishing the small meandering streams, until darkness came and pushed me home.

I have fished for different species but spend most of my time on trout. I have honed my skills with nymph and dry fly fishing for brown trout and grayling, which has taught me the importance of accuracy and of feeling the fly. Countless hours spent fishing seatrout along the beautiful coastline of southern Denmark where I come from, has allowed me to advance the finer details of my fishing ability, and has taught me the importance of speed and covering large water.

While I have taken fly fishing with me almost everywhere I have traveled, and have fished rainbows, grayling, Pacific and Atlantic salmon and pike, the latest years of my fly fishing have brought me back to spending my time along the currents of Danish rivers and waterways. Fishing the bright Scandinavian summer nights as the sea run browns swim upstream is something I especially enjoy. As the light disappears, it becomes a game of feeling, listening and sensing your way to the fish – it is an intense experience and you must really feel the fly and know your river.

I am certified as an instructor by the Danish Sport Fishing Association and give courses in fly casting and fly fishing at this level. Being a part of the Salmologic Team is an honor for me and supporting this genuine and logical brand is something I can do with full integrity, since it simply works so incredibly well. Together with my fellow ambassadors I am happy to answer questions at courses, events and by the water – so don’t hesitate to ask.