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9’0” 4-PCS. – 12 grams/185 grains

The action of this rod is very elegant, smooth, and stable. It is a total “pleasure-creator”, meaning it can present the fly accurately and effectively on both shorter- and medium-long distances. It is also more than capable of reaching a far distant target, allowing that perfect presentation, which will trick even the most difficult trout to grab your fly.

It is our experience that with our new graphene+ adaption, you will find it much easier managing drifts and also detecting even the lightest bite. Sensitivity has been the keyword for the design of this fly rod. The Reborn 9’0” 12 grams/185 grains is what we would refer to as a complete trout rod for fishing dries, small streamers and weighted nymphs in rivers and creeks.

For medium size rivers, or rivers where the surroundings offer you less room for casting, or if you are in a brushy backcountry stream, then the WF Shooter should be the line of choice. When longer distance or gentle precision is needed, WF Evolve is by far the better option.

Line and reel recommendation:

WF Shooter line – 12 grams/185 grains (Wet flies and nymph fishing)
WF Evolve line – 12 grams/185 grains (Dry flies and nymph fishing)
Logic nylon leader – Butt 0.56 – tip 0.23
Extended with tippet mat. 0.215 – 0.16

Sense reel size no. 1

Tube length: 75 centimeters