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Salmo Nipper

The perfected 3 in 1 high-end nipper that fits nicely in your hand and allows you to fix whatever needs fixing – whether it be line cutting, hook sharpening or […]

Salmo Forceps

Salmo Forceps is a pretty straightforward tool, but a very important tool to have on you, especially when practicing catch & release. It makes it easy to remove a hook […]

Traditional Nipper

For many, a simple nipper is the most important tool to bring when fishing – a tool you just can’t live without when you are on the bank of a […]

salmologic caps

SALMO TRADITIONAL This cap is lightweight, supple and is ideal for salmon and sea trout anglers who like no-nonsense quality headwear. It comes in three awesome colours, “Boa Green”, “Deep […]

Salmo Hook Fly Box

A real practical fly box design I have used these boxes since 1996, and can honestly say that they are the best and most practical boxes I’ve ever used. Salmo […]


Traveling with fly rods and fly tackle can be very frustrating – I know this better than most – and this was also why I decided, in my early career […]

salmologic hooks

Having a good double hook to balance your tube fly is really important! We have searched the market and found the “one”, and also the sizes that we believe are […]

Pro Hook Guides

When I fish with tube flies I always fish with my hooks loose, meaning not attached to the tube. There are several good reasons for this but my main reason […]

Salmo eco fly box

A lean, light and logical fly box design Way back when we started salmologic, we decided that we would try to be as sustainable as possible when it came to […]