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From season 2024, all logic heads will be sold in waterproof Aloksak bags OR our newer environmentally friendly packaging with V-spools

The Short-cut Heads are very short heads that are designed to fish the challenging conditions you meet when fishing a narrow to medium river, places where you want your fly to come down fast and to also swing fast. The Short-cut Heads will be available in 9 different density versions, where five of the versions are triple density lines. However, we are progressively transitioning our assortment, so gradually over time new densities will be added, and some will be removed.

Triple density lines like ours, let alone for this purpose, have never existed before I first introduced them in 2008. With the know-how we have today, we are excited to expand the series of Short-cut Heads with new densities. Furthermore, we are adding the line weight 28 grams/432 grains to the range. We are convinced that this expansion will make this amazing line series even better.

Our newest expansion of Short-cut Heads will be available from the end of March 2024.

The idea behind Short-cut Heads was inspired from fishing at rivers where there was limited room for casting, or where it was crucial to get the fly down fast. In other words, places where big fish like to hang out. One of the greater benefits of the shorter heads was also that we could “fish” the fly more effectively in general, as we could retrieve more line before the line was picked up for a new cast.


The Short-cut Heads have proven to be a convincing asset when it comes to catching salmon and sea trout. It is a line that is extremely easy to handle for anyone, no matter his or her experience level. And for shorter double hand rods, switch rods and single hand rods, these lines are a blessing as well!


“The smallest coated factory made loop-to-loop connections ever seen, making them feel as if there are no connection points at all.

The salmologic line system is designed to make fly casting and fly fishing easier.

The density, length and weight are imprinted on the color code of all salmologic heads – so you’ll always know what you’ve got on your reel.”