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Our philosophy on rods.

In my opinion, perfect fly rods are never designed in offices. They should be created in the same environment in which they are meant to be used… on the water, in the wind and near the fish.

I strongly believe that good fly rod designers should be proficient anglers, casters and instructors. Their designs need to be based on inherent knowledge and experience. If not, then how will they know the prerequisites for ultimate fly rod designs? Rods for different kinds of fish, rods for different fly fishing methods, rods for different weight classes, rods of different lengths… Fly fishers face a multitude of different conditions on the water. Fly rod designers need to “have been there, done that” in order to create rods that will handle all those conditions with elegant ease. There can be no other way!

Tight lines
Henrik Mortensen


Salarius series

The salarius series is a series of three rods that are completely fitted with salt water resistant components, as they are designed and developed for Scandinavian salt water fishing. That […]

Scorpio series

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Serenity series

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Dorado series

It could have been called the Predator series, as this series is not only for dorados but also for mean predators, like our own Scandinavian pike! The two rods in […]

Skyborn series

My idea for the Skyborn series took more than three years to evolve and was and based on more than 32 years of fly casting, instruction and fly fishing experience. […]

Nordic series

The nordic series is our trout series. All of the rods in this series are completely fitted with saltwater resistant components to avoid any kind of rust. The rods in […]

2GO series

For many years, we have been asked to design and develop a high-quality fly rod series in the mid-range price point. A series intended for those new to fly fishing, […]