Salmologic update January 3rd, 2016


because it makes sense!

2015 was an amazing year for us. Our approach to the market has proven itself to be the right one. Producing quality products, which are based on practical, innovative and logical thinking, was for us the only right way to go. Furthermore, creating the G&G System was our way to ensure that no one would have any doubt whatsoever about how to match and combine our lines with our rods so that they are perfectly matched and balanced. Catching salmon and sea trout on a fly can be challenging in itself. However, having the best tool in your hands gives you all the advantages you need to be successful and allows you to focus on the actual fishing. Perfectly assembled and balanced gear of superior quality and design is the greatest start a person can have when venturing out into our wonderful world of fly fishing. And this is what we provide.

We are so grateful for the support and encouragement we have received over the last year from our Partners and fly fishing enthusiasts from all around the world. It is completely overwhelming, and for that we will be forever thankful. We could never have dreamt of a better start for our brand and it leaves us very motivated and excited about the future.

In 2016, our two major goals will continue to be the driving force behind our company and what we stand for:

Our first goal:

To make the most superior and logical fly fishing equipment on the market; tackle that makes sense to everyone and will improve their skills, no matter what skill level they are at. We strive to provide solutions that are easy to understand and which take the guessing out of the gear - so you can truly enjoy and focus on your fishing.

Designing rods, reels, fly lines, leaders and tippet material is to create a merger of functionality and therefore can’t be designed by data-driven computers. It takes years and years of genuine passion, dedication, curiosity and fascination of the sport to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of it – something that no amount of computing or technology can do. Salmologic’s core competence is in its team of professional anglers who share a dedication to the sport and a desire to improve it. Creating innovative products and solutions that improve and enhance fly fishing is truly our passion and lifestyle – always has been, always will be. As far as fly lines are concerned, we at salmologic have developed our own unique tapers, coatings, color-codes, loops and cores and have, over the last many years, elevated the industry standard to a sky-high level. We will continue to raise the bar in the future as well.

Our second goal:

In our production and distribution process, we will continue to find ways to reduce the damage and negative impact we may have on the environment and on nature. After all, nature is both our business and our playground and we hold it dear to us. We want to minimize the impact and the footprint we leave as much as we possibly can. It will always be important for us to follow a “green” strategy, for example through less “throw-away” packaging and opting for reusable or no packaging instead. The Loksak packaging we use for our high-end lines is a great example of this.  A product that is not only recyclable, but also reusable. This is the type of packaging we want for all products in the future – “Packaging with a Purpose”. It does take a bit of our margin to think like that and use packaging like this – but still, for us it’s gratifying, worthwhile and makes sense. At our headquarters, we try to reduce paper waste and believe in recycling - so don’t be surprised if you receive items from us shipped in a “used” cardboard box. As “guests” on earth, we feel that protecting Mother Nature as much as we can is not only our responsibility, but also our obligation. 

Tight lines

Henrik Mortensen
Founder and CEO