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Salmologic’s ranges of coated running lines are made of a supple braided nylon as core, and the coating used is an enhanced thermoset resin that provides an extreme slickness. The intricate fusion of core and coating has resulted in a complete memory free RL if handled correctly, meaning it should always be rolled loosely onto the reel at the end of a good day’s fishing.

During casting, the job of the running line is to maintain a lower speed than the upper line. For that reason, you should not choose a running line that is too thin and not heavy enough to fulfill its mission in the cast.

A thin running line gives you less of a feeling of what is going on in the fly end of the business during the retrieve.

Logic Running Lines are designed with 4 feet of tapering in both ends of the line, which will allow you to have an overhang for longer casts, without killing the loop. This tapering will also provide a stable and amazing energy transfer when you are using it for double hauling.

At both ends of the Logic Running Lines, you will find our incredibly small, light and flexible loops, a trademark Henrik Mortensen has been using for many years. You will hardly notice the loops travelling in or out through the guides.

  • For line weights from 14g/216gr to 20g/308gr we recommend size 0.028”
  • For line weights from 20g/308gr to 24g/370gr we recommend size 0.030”
  • For line weights from 24g/370gr to 31g/478gr we recommend size 0.032”
  • For line weights from 31g/478gr to 35g/540gr we recommend size 0.034”