Fly fishing has been continually evolving during the past 20 years.

In all my years of working in the fly fishing industry, I have been in constant pursuit of developing ideal line systems for our approach to fly fishing.

I have no doubt that salmologic is in the forefront when it comes to lines. All our lines have been redesigned, updated and manufactured to enable the modern fly fishermen to fish his fly on any spot, and at any depth, where the fish might be hiding. Lines, which are so easy to cast that it gives the fly fisherman the ability to fish his fly more effectively than ever.

For us, it was also of major importance to devise a system that was easy for everyone to understand, especially because most lines on the market today follow a very confusing recommendation system. I have always felt that we should change this.

Having created salmologic, we do it without any discussions.  We have therefore made this important change by using grams and grains - something I have already been incorporating in my designs for the last 15 years.

I strongly believe that salmologic’s recommendation system, G&G (Grams and Grains), has taken the guessing out of the gear and made it easy for everyone to understand. Setting up your rod with the correct line weight, the right leader mass and the correct resistance in the running line is of much greater importance than an average angler would ever be able to understand.  This setup is indeed the difference between learning or leaving fly fishing, and we really want people to learn how to fly fish and love it the way we do!

Welcome to salmologic’s lines and logic.

Tight lines,
Henrik Mortensen

Salmologic heads

The LOGIC heads are the perfect solution for the effective Scandinavian-style of fly fishing. The LOGIC heads range from 7.0 meters to 10.5 meters, in 9 different weights and with incredibly small loops. Note; The density, weight and length are printed on the color code of all Logic lines.  Salmologic lines come in many different densities and lengths. Together with salmologic leaders and running lines, they will open up endless possibilities for you in presenting the fly, no matter how challenging your river might be when it comes to depth, current or natural hindrances.


The Nordic Heads are perfect for the fly fishery along the Scandinavian coastlines. The unique tapers are designed for ultimate loop stability, distance control, turnover ability and presentation. All heads have a color code and all lines have a laser imprint showing the density/length/weight. In both ends of the heads, you will find small, soft and flexible loops. These loops, combined with the amazingly slick cold water coating, makes it easier to shoot and retrieve the heads any required distance when you’re fishing the Scandinavian sea trout.






The SHORT-CUT Heads  are very short heads that are designed to fish the challenging conditions you meet when fishing a narrow to medium river, places where you want your fly to come down fast and also to swing fast. The Short-cut heads are available in 5 different density versions, where tyhree of the versions are triple density lines. Triple density lines like ours, let alone for this purpose, have never existed before. We are therefore very excited to be the first brand to introduce them to the fly fishing market. The idea to design the Short-cut heads was inspired by some of our ambassadors, who spend countless hours at Danish salmon- and sea trout rivers every year. The Short-cut heads have proven themselves to be highly efficient when it comes to catching salmon and sea trout. A line that is extremely easy to handle for anyone, no matter his or her experience level.


Salmologic Running lines

Salmologic’s Coated RUNNING LINE are made of a supple braided nylon as core, and the coating used is an enhanced Thermoset resin that provides an extreme slickness. The intricate fusion of core and coating has resulted in a complete memory free RL if handled correctly, meaning it should always be rolled loosely onto the reel at the end of a good day’s fishing. Logic Running Lines are designed with 4 feet of tapering in both ends of the line, which will allow you to have an overhang for longer casts, without killing the loop. 


The Salmologic MONOFILAMENT RUNNING LINE is offered in two different monofilament running lines. A green colored 32 lbs, and a blue colored 50 lbs. Both are oval shaped and have enough “softness and stiffness” to ensure no memory (no coiling) when it has been stretched before use. As mentioned, it is important to stretch it before you start your fishing as it keeps the memory from its last handling - and this is especially important if it has been stored on a fly reel for a long time.


Salmologic SHOOTER wf-lines

The Shooter Weight Forward lines are developed with an advanced taper for a better feeling, control and presentation; a very refined tapering which works well for both overhead and spey-casting. Under demanding conditions, such as wind or a “no back-cast” situation, you will find our Shooter WF lines to be very unique and different from anything else you have ever tried. The Shooter WF line is also made in a hover version, where the running line is floating, but the head is produced in a hover density, which places the head “just below” the surface of the water.