This cap is lightweight, supple and is ideal for salmon and sea trout anglers who like no-nonsense quality headwear. It comes in two awesome colors, “boa green” and “deep lake”. It has an adjustable Velcro strap in the back. The underside of the visor is black, which is important when being on water in sunny weather.




Our trucker caps are great for those really hot days because of the mesh netting. They also have an adjustable Velcro strap so they can fit everyone. We have two versions, one where the front is made in “terracotta” color and one in a “rifle green” color with a logo patch. The mesh is made in “stone” color. Both caps are of course designed with a black underside visor, which is important for spotting trout and salmon in clear water. You don’t have to be a trucker to wear this, but you’re going to own the stream when you do.



Salmologic Fly Boxes

A lean, light and logical fly box design.
I have used these boxes since 1996, and can honestly say that they are the best and most practical boxes I’ve ever used. Both salmologic boxes are light - but tough as nails. They are slim, which means that you can pack a couple of these sweet little things without looking like someone packing a carton of milk in his chest-pocket. Best of all, they are NOT watertight – which means that your flies can dry out after a soaking, thus minimizing corrosion spreading to your other flies, as would happen in a sealed watertight box. It’s not rocket science – it’s just logic.

Salmologic Tube Box

The tube fly version is clearly unique. There are no metal wires, grooves and other gadgets to hold a tube fly – because they’re not necessary! This is just a roomy box with a foam mattress where your hooks can be attached. Trust me – your tube flies will be nesting perfectly in this box and they will keep their shape much better than if they were affixed. There’s only one thing you have to remember: Don’t open your box into a strong wind, as you might not have too many flies afterwards.


Salmologic Hook Box

This might look like a conventional fly box. But notice how the grooves have been turned 180 degrees compared to conventional boxes. This way your chosen flies are easy to see and it’s easy to select what should be the “bite” of the day, as the flies don’t sit on top of each other. 


salmologic hooks

Having a good double hook to balance your tube fly is really important!

We have searched the market and found the “one”, and also the sizes that we believe are the best for tube fly fishing for salmon, sea trout and steelhead.

The hook that we recommend has a straight needle-eye and it is chemically sharpened. The wire is hardened and therefore very strong, without being too thick. The double hooks we recommend have a wide hook gape and forged bends and a relatively short shank.

When fly fishing in catch and release water, it is easy to squeeze the barb in. Even with the barb squeezed in, they seem not to lose their grip in the fish due to the perfect bend point.

We carry double hooks in the following sizes: #10 - #8 - #6


Pro Sportfisher Hook Guides

When I fish with tube flies I always fish with my hooks loose, meaning not attached to the tube. There are several good reasons for this but my main reason is that when I fish with a double hook, the hook will always turn upside down, and 90% of the time it will get attached in the upper part of the fish’s mouth. When the fish is hooked here, it very seldom gets away and, even better, it is easy to remove the hook without harming the fish when being released again.

In the past, I used to cut plastic tubes into small pieces and used those. However, a few years back, I was introduced to Pro Sportfisher’s hook guides. It is the best hook guide I have ever used. It is made from ultra strong “high stretch” silicone and it is conical. The thin end has to go over the hook-eye and will thereby protect the knot. The front end of the hook guide will then be perfectly aligned to the tube fly and the fly will swim balanced and not be controlled by the hook.

The hook guides are available in different colored versions, and my suggestion is that you pick one that matches your fly’s underwing. The hook guides we sell will match hooks in sizes # 10-6 – this is our recommendation.