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Pro Hook Guides


When I fish with tube flies I always fish with my hooks loose, meaning not attached to the tube. There are several good reasons for this but my main reason is that when I fish with a double hook, the hook will always turn upside down, and 90% of the time it will get attached in the upper part of the fish’s mouth. When the fish is hooked here, it very seldom gets away and, even better, it is easy to remove the hook without harming the fish when being released again.

In the past, I used to cut plastic tubes into small pieces and used those. However, a few years back, I was introduced to Pro Sportfisher’s hook guides. It is the best hook guide I have ever used. It is made from ultra strong “high stretch” silicone and it is conical. The thin end has to go over the hook-eye and will thereby protect the knot. The front end of the hook guide will then be perfectly aligned to the tube fly and the fly will swim balanced and not be controlled by the hook.

The hook guides are available in different colored versions, and my suggestion is that you pick one that matches your fly’s underwing. The hook guides we sell will match hooks in sizes # 10-6 – this is our recommendation.