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Stefan Karlsson

Stefan Karlson
Mörrum, Sweden

As a very young boy I wake up in bed start thinking of fishing until it was time to go to bed again, now I am 44 years old and there is no difference. I have learned so much from fishing, fishing has actually made how I am. Through fishing I have learned to respect and enjoy the nature and therefore it became natural for me to study ecology and biology. I have worked as an Environmental and Health Inspector for several of years with focus on water and nature conservation. Today I`m working at Mörrums Kronolaxfiske as a guide, fly fishing instructor and with fish conservation. Before became a employee at Mörrums Kronolaxfiske I have been working for the guiding company “Laxlyckan” in Mörrum.

I visit the Mörrum river for the first time in the early 90`s and I fell in love with the river immediately. A river with fantastic salmon and sea trout fishing. Working as a guide is a big passion for me, I love to take care of people, make them fell good even if the fishing is slow. To share my passion for fly fishing with other people makes me happy. A day on the river with a customer is almost better than a day on the river fishing by my self.

Beside fishing for salmon and sea trout I got a huge passion for pike. I fish for pike all year around especially in the late autumn. To live in the county of Blekinge in the south part of Sweden is like living in a “Fishing paradise”.

When Salmologic came out on the market my reaction was -FINALLY!!!. What Henrik Mortensen have done is something new and completely logical and it all make sense. For me It is an honour and a privilege to be a ambassador for Salmologic.