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Martin Andersen

Martin Andersen
Vestre Jakobselv, Norway

I am 17 years old and live in Vadsø, Norway. Vadsø is located on the Varanger peninsula, and is the home of many great salmon rivers. I have my favourite, which is called Jakobselva. I spend most of the summer trekking up and down the banks of this majestic but subtle river. I have the great pleasure of working at MX-Sport Vadsø, where we, as one of the few dealers in Norway, sell salmologic gear.

I was first introduced to salmon fishing at the age of 3. I caught my very first salmon that year. My father built me a double-hand fly rod when I was 6, and it did not take long before I was hooked. Fly fishing has been a passion of mine ever since.

When chasing salmon, I focus on two things; technique and presentation. Presentation is everything; presentation is key. If the fly is not presented correctly to the salmon – taking the weather, place, time of day and temperatures into account – it will lessen the chance of a catch. The skill of presentation comes with years of practise and knowledge, but also, as Henrik Mortensen says, you need to become the fly!

To manage perfect presentation, you need to maintain good technique. I have practiced my casting technique year in and year out – I have been out in the snow casting whilst dreaming of a summer in the distance. I believe that the angler should adapt to every river he visits, therefore a repertoire of different techniques is optimal.

Walking up and down the river, I meet a lot of people. I try to talk to all of them; it is common etiquette, I believe. Sharing experiences and thoughts is as important as the fishing.

After a lot of small talk alongside the banks, I have noticed one thing; people are really surprised and amazed that a “kid” my age has such vast experience. They therefore listen more attentively. They want to learn. Not only that, but here in Vestre Jakobselv the number of juniors that start their fly-fishing career is growing. Having someone to whom they can relate is key in nurturing their interest. I am happy if I can inspire others, whether it is the young novice or the avid and experienced fly fisherman.

I am honoured to be a part of this team, and I will do my best to assist salmologic, and you. If you ever see me, don’t be afraid to stop me, I would love to help.