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12’1” 5-pcs. – 22 grams/340 grains

DH rod, 12’1” 5-pieces
REC. Line wt. 22 grams/340 grains

22 grams/340 grains is the perfect weight for fly sizes 6-4 single hooks, 10-6 double hooks, and ¼-inchbrass or ½-inchalu tubes. This blank was tested over a two-year period, as I wanted this blank to be
the perfect fly fishing rod for small and deep rivers, as well as medium to big rivers in low water conditions. During the test period, this rod made a HUGE difference in catch results, as it is very light and extremely stealthy. Combine this with our Short-cut heads, and I promise you that you will experience the future in high-end fly fishing rods.

Line and reel recommendation:
All Logic heads – 22 grams/340 grains
Short-cut heads – 22 grams/340 grains
Logic RL. 0.028 – 0.032
Salmologic reel size no. 3