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Stefan Karlsson

Stefan Karlson
Mörrum, Sweden

I’m 35 years old and was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2009, after several visits, I decided to move to Vestre Jakobeselv, one of the most northern and remote places in Norway. What started out as my life’s dream and passion for fly fishing, became a dream come true when I decided to move from the inner city of Copenhagen to the Arctic. The reasons were simple: wonderful people, magnificent wildlife and nature and, of course, the availability of one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the region.

Through the years, I’ve been recruited as one of the river supervisors. This has enhanced my knowledge of salmon fishing, because of the daily practice of fishing, exchanging experiences with fellow fishermen (both novice and professionals) and by getting to know the pulse of the river.

If you happen to catch me down the river, you will probably see me fishing with either a hitch or a dry fly. Although I have vast experience of both wet- and dry fly fishing, I’ve grown accustomed to the latter through my own workshops, where I produce a wide variety of flies.

Through my 20 years of fly fishing experience, I’ve learned that the most satisfying feeling is not the quantity of fish that you catch, but how you catch them. I’ve learned that the most euphoric feeling when catching a great salmon is when the gear is perfectly synchronised with your mind and body. That’s why I always stick to Henrik Mortensen’s gear!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if there is anything that you are curious about!