The creative members of salmologic

Over the past many years I have been so fortunate to work with a very tight and trustworthy group of people who think “out of the box”. These are people whom I strongly believe have the ability to make a significant difference – because they see things from a wider, different and objective perspective.

In the past, I have often consulted them before I made up my mind on a product, idea, strategy or process. I wanted to ensure that my thoughts and ideas were evaluated carefully - from a professional and objective perspective - before they were carried out.  

In the future, my good friends Peter, Thomas and Søren have given me their word that they will continue to support me and also be a part of all decisions made regarding salmologic strategies and direction. 

There is no doubt in my mind that they will be a strong foundation in salmologic, and in our goal to exceed expectations and move boundaries.

Henrik Mortensen 

Thomas Weiergang Master of Arts (MA)

Thomas Weiergang
Master of Arts (MA)

Peter Nørby Photographer

Peter Nørby

Søren Flarup Graphic Designer

Søren Flarup
Graphic Designer